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  • Key Principles

    The key to improving your life is through successful life management.  We can help you to alter your outlook on life for the better.

  • Monitor Your Daily Progress

    Wanting to improve areas of your life is important, but tracking your progress is just as crucial.  Our Daily Life Tracker is the only tool you’ll ever need.

  • Improve Your Wealth

    Improving your personal finances can lead to new opportunities and a more fulfilling life.


  • Improve Your Health

    By making small changes to your eating and exercise habits, your physical health can improve dramatically.  We can help you track and manage these changes.

What problems can Inspire a Life and Daily Life Tracker help me to overcome?

Money Management


Managing your finances and dealing with debt are two of the leading causes of stress and unhappiness. With everyone’s personal finances under increasing pressure and the pound in your pocket worth less and less, improving your financial situation goes hand-in-hand with your health and wellbeing.

Inspire a Life can help you improve your financial position:

Managing Your Money Better
Set spending and saving goals that are both achievable and easy to maintain.  Making small changes to your spending habits can lead to a safer and more secure financial future.
Reducing Your Debts
Repay your credit cards sooner, get on top of your loans and take control of your bills and outgoings.
Increasing Your Savings
Saving money through a savings account can be a difficult and laborious process, but if you set achievable targets and stick to them, you’ll start to see the rewards.
Building Your Personal Wealth
Investing for the future and planning your investments carefully is a practical way of boosting your future income and giving you security for the future.

Mastering your finances is a key part of modern life and we’re here to help you take control.

Daily Life Tracker is designed to help you set realistic and achievable financial targets for yourself without necessarily making big compromises to your daily lifestyle.

Combined with guidance from Inspire a Life, the Daily Life Tracker is an invaluable tool with which will help you to achieve the financial success and freedom you really want.

Physical Health


Your physical wellbeing and general health play an important part in who you.  Your general health can also help you to achieve your goals, or hinder your progress.

Inspire a Life is able to assist you in identifying the areas of your physical health and fitness which you would like to improve. By setting the best programme of activity and monitoring your daily progress, you will see the physical and mental differences that occur as you follow the plan. You’ll be able to pin down the changes that work for you, see a big impact in your life and feel better than you have ever before.

Inspire a Life can help you to improve your physical health and wellbeing:

Physical Fitness & Wellbeing
Quit smoking fast, kick your bad habits or addictions, train to run a marathon, improve general fitness, keep physically active, get better quality sleep.
Strength and Body Sculpting
Build muscle strength, increase your stamina, overcome sporting injuries, get a six pack and a more athletic physique.
Weight Loss
Stay on track with your diet, reduce your calorie intake, plan an effective weight loss program, lose your belly or flabby areas.
Reduce Stress
Meditation techniques, stress release, anger management, finding fulfilment and happiness.

Taking control of your physical health and wellbeing is a crucial in leading a healthy and rewarding life.

Daily Life Tracker has been developed by experts at Inspire a Life to enable you to make small changes and track your progress easily and effectively.   It has been designed and created for you to take control of all aspects of your life and improve them where you see fit.

Combined with guidance from Inspire a Life, the Daily Life Tracker is an invaluable tool with which to take the first steps in improving your physical health for the better.

Emotional Wellbeing


Your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.  Your mind needs careful attention and management to function at its highest potential – just like your body - and if negative habits or feelings are left , they can cause long term and harmful damage.

Whilst negative feelings and emotions are part of human nature, they can start to dominate you if you do not understand them or have the skills and knowledge to be able to control them.

Inspire a Life can help you to develop these skills through powerful techniques that will enable you to manage and control your feelings effectively in the following areas:

Stress & Anger Management
Relieve the stresses in your life, detox your body, develop techniques to help your stay calm.
Emotional Mastery
Learn to promote yourself more confidently, master your relationship issues with others, improve your social skills, boost your general confidence.
Life Goals
Quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, improve personal and inter-personal relationships.

Mastering your emotions takes skill and discipline; but the rewards can lead to a much more fulfilling and happier future.

Daily Life Tracker has been developed by a panel of world-leading experts to enable you to make small changes and build those into bigger changes that result in a complete change.

Combined with guidance from Inspire a Life, the Daily Life Tracker is an invaluable tool that will help you to achieve ALL of your goals in life.

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